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Who We Are

The Los Angeles County Commission on HIV (COH) reflects the thoughts, views and actions of 51 dedicated individuals, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, who represent different Los Angeles County communities, people with HIV, providers serving them, public health interests and other perspectives impacted by this devastating epidemic.

What We Do

The COH serves as the local planning council for the planning, allocation, coordination and delivery of HIV/AIDS prevention and care services in Los Angeles County. HIV Connect is an online tool for community members and providers looking for HIV resources, such as information on HIV/STD testing, prevention and care, service locations, and housing throughout Los Angeles County.


As of 2016 there were an estimated 60,946 persons living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County, and of those individuals 8,654 (14.1%) are not aware of their status.This disease continues to be a serious health epidemic necessitating continued local, state and federal legislation, policies, planning and service delivery efforts. The more we spread the word about the work we do, the closer we get to ending the HIV epidemic.
This is a brief guide to get you started on social media and to help us engage our community!



#HIV #gettested #knowyourstatus #endHIV

Sample Language


  • All people living with HIV have a right to accurate information about their sexual health, care options, and service locations. Find resources near you at
  • LA County has the second largest number of diagnosed HIV infections in the country. This disease continues to be a serious health epidemic and @HIVCommisionLA is committed to connecting the community to resources and services.


  • Search @HIVCommisionLA’s online tool for #HIV resources near you at!
  • Find resources and support at #HIV #gettested
  • There are more ways than ever to get tested. Head to for locations near you.
  • 1 in 7 people living with #HIV in the US don’t know they have it. Make sure you know your status:
  • Having an #STD can increase your risk for #HIV. Know how to stay safe and healthy. Visit for resources near you.
  • @HIVCommissionLA connects people living with #HIV with valuable resources. Go to
  • Knowing your #HIV status is key to keeping you healthy. Find a testing site in LA at
  • #DYK: LA has the second largest number of diagnosed HIV infections in the country. Find free, fast and confidential testing near you:

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